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Unser Decode Studio ist High End Technik. 
Sie erhalten im Rahmen unserer Produktion, des Vinyl-Masterings, The best of.
Von Ihren Musikdaten bis zur Übergabe der fertigen vertriebsreifen Schallplatte bedeutet: Plattenlabor!

Monitors Focal Solo6 BE Genelec 8040A KRK V6 Series Yamaha NS10

Summing Dangerous 2-BUS (first edition)
Outboard Audioscope 2813-E 2 x EL8-X Empirical Labs Distressors Cranesong Ibis - Class A Equalizer (Mastering Version) TLAudio 5052 (customized version: mainboard + 3 Russian matched valves) 8 Channel DI Box (Burr Brown Preamp) SPL Transient Designer Sherman Filterbank 2 Stereo TC Electronic Finalizer 96K Customized Parametric EQ Customized AD/DA Converter
Synth Alesis Andromeda A6 Access Virus TI Access Virus B Korg MS 20 EMU Orbit V2 Kawai Synthesizer 100F Roland System 1 Roland Aira 303 AKAI Sampler CD3000XL
Drum Machine Dave Smith & Roger Linn Tempest Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII Native Instruments Maschine Native Instruments Maschine 2 Studio

Cutting Cutting lathes:
Neumann VMS70 Ortofon/Philips Lyrec SV8 Presto 6N with Technics SP10 plate

Cutting amplifiers:
Neumann SAL74B, one customized version only for Half Speed Neumann VG66 customized with tube RIAA encoders and final power mosfets amp. Ortofon GO541
Cutting Heads: Neumann SX74 Neumann SX68 Neumann SX15 Neumann ES59 Ortofon DS522 Presto 1D
DAC DA converter 192kHz 24 Bit tubes BLACKNOTE DAC30 Audiofire 2 DBX DDP Behringer DEQ2496

Drawmer MX50 selective De-esser Ortofon STL732 HF limiter Orban 8200ST HF clipper Orban 6200 multiband compressor/limiter Orban 9100/A2 multiband compressor/limiter RTW level and correlation meters. About 20 different playback heads and different turntables to do ref measures. Infinity SM102 and Yamaha NS266 Studio monitors with Blacknote dual mono amplifiers.

Duplates Duplates

Master Keyboards CME UF8 88-Key Roland RD700
Controllers Ableton Push Novation Nocturn Arturia Beatstep PRO Behringer B-Control Fader BCF2000
DAW Audio 2 x Rack DAW Audio i7, 16 gb ram, 10 TB Sata3 / SSD + Dual Heads 22"
Software Cubase 8.5 Ableton Live 9.6 Native Instruments all bundles

Was machen wir:

  • Dubplate
  • Masterig for vinyl
  • Custom Cover 12"
  • Vinyl Optimizer
  • Gift Ideas
  • Vinyl 7", 10" , 12"

Who are we?

We are a team, have all the necessary knowledge and experience to help you create custom Vinyl.


Mengerzeile 14, 12435 Berlin

+49 030 67814100